A new OnePoll survey of 2,000 adults looking to sell up in the next six months has found the usual reasons for moving; life changes like a new baby or job, marriage or divorce, but it has also revealed more unusual ones too. So if you’re thinking of moving soon, your reason may not be unusual.

Property owners may be bored of the area or dislike the neighbours, but one in 20 were so annoyed by glare on their TV screen, they were planning to move.

One in 10 were worried they currently live in a “ropey” neighbourhood, while a similar number thought crime rates around them were going up.

More than one in 20 were too far away from their nearest pub and the same number felt their cat or dog didn’t like where they currently live.

The Sales Team at Pure Homes added their comments; “What seems frivolous to one person is really important to another but the fact is that people move for all kinds of reasons. Interest from buyers has returned to pre-coronavirus levels far quicker than expected.”

“One of the biggest motivators is whether the right kind of home is around that they want to move to and here at Pure Homes we help everyone find their dream home from the range available.”

“We are now seeing the backlog of sellers who need to move has never been greater. Brexit uncertainty stunted plans for many long before Covid-19 and now patience is wearing thin.

“This has only been exaggerated by the fact we’ve all been locked inside our homes and our priorities for what we want in a home have changed.”

After lockdown, half of prospective movers said their priorities for a home had changed and that Covid-19 would not stop them doing what they want to do.

In particular, four in 10 wanted a bigger garden or outdoor space, while three in 10 wanted to be closer to their friends and family.

And more than 36 per cent expected house prices in their area to go up as millions across the nation looked to buy and demand dialled up.

Just one-quarter thought there was a chance their property value could go down, but 62 per cent did not believe buying or selling would be more stressful now due to the pandemic.

With working from home being the new normal, one-quarter said not having a home office has become a dealbreaker and three in 10 are now looking to move further away to get more for their money.

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