Buying Your Pure Home

Preparing for Your Move In

Here we’ve compiled a quick reminder of essential tasks to complete when preparing to move home.  If you have moved home previously much of this may be second nature but for first time buyers this may prove a vital checklist at a very busy time!


If moving home yourself ensure you start packing up well in advance. If using a removal company shop around for competitive quotes and check the various services they offer.  Whether you choose a DIY move or the services of a removal company do ensure any precious belongings are well packaged and protected.


Some removal companies include transit insurance in their quotation but if not it is something you might want to consider arranging yourself.  Don’t forget to swap your contents insurance to your new home


If you are in a rented home give the stated notice in writing to your landlord.


If moving to anew area remember to register with new practitioners

Utility companies

Contact existing gas, water, telephone and electricity suppliers and give them meter readings taken on the day you move out

Communications companies

It may be possible to have your current telephone, internet and TV services activated in your new home.  Contact your providers for information and timescales.

Note:  The installation of aerials and associated connections are your responsibility  Before you make arrangements do check your deed of transfer to ensure there are no restrictions.  (your sales advisor will supply you with the full postal address of yur new home to enable you to do this)

On ‘move in’ day

It may be useful to keep handy some essential items on what can be quite a hectic day!.

  • A first aid kit (accidents can happen).
  • Snacks.
  • Favourite toys/books for children.
  • Legal documents, cash, credit cards, cheque book, driving licence.
  • Key telephone numbers—solicitor, removal company, sales advisor).

Changing address

As soon as the legal completion date is agreed you can start telling family, friends and third parties of your new address.  Don’t forget to tell:

  • Banks
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Employer
  • Building Societies
  • Schools
  • Insurance Companies
  • DVLA
  • Car breakdown
  • Telephone/internet/cable
  • TV licence/Sky
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Optician
  • Council tax
  • Child benefit/benefits
  • Credit cards
  • HP companies
  • Shop accounts
  • Clubs
  • Magazine/Newspaper/subscriptions
  • Mail redirection service
  • Premium Bonds/savings account
  • Vet
  • Passport office
  • Pensions
  • Cancel milk/deliveries