Buying Your Pure Home

Taking Care During Site Visits

We appreciate that this is an  exciting time for you and that you will be keen to see your new home during construction. During the purchase process there may well be opportunities for you to do this but such a visit is likely to take you into  or through the construction site.  As you may be aware, any construction area is a dangerous environment even if not operational.

At Pure we take health and safety issues very seriously and your safety is our primary concern.  Under no circumstances must you go into a construction area unless you are accompanied by a Pure employee.  For this reason, we ask that you telephone your sales advisor to arrange an appointment if you do wish to view your home while under construction.

When you arrive for your agreed viewing please report to the Sales Suite.  There you will receive a safety briefing and clear and comprehensive details of the procedures that need to be followed and commitments required by all parties to ensure your safety, during the visit.  You will also have to wear protective safety clothing that we will provide, including a hard hat and high visibility over vest.

At times we may need to limit your visits to specific construction areas so it may not always be possible to enter your new home during the early stages of construction. It might simply be the case that it is unsafe to go into certain areas at critical stages of construction so the timing of your visit is important to us and needs to be planned carefully in advance.

Hazards on a construction site of which you need to be aware include:

  • Excavations
  • Trip Hazards
  • Contractors working at height
  • Low headroom, scaffolding etc
  • Sharp objects underfoot
  • Moving plant and machinery

To make your visit at productive as possible, please observe the following guidelines when visiting our development

Park in the designated visitors parking

Report to the Sales Suite or other agreed meeting point on arrival

Pay attention  to the short safety briefing you will received from your sales advisor before visiting the site.  A briefing will be required before each visit to your new home to reflect the changing hazards on site

During the briefing, topics including those below will be covered.

  • Couples/groups should stay together
  • Wear your protective clothing at all times
  • Keep to defined routes and watch your footing
  • Keep away from excavations and trenches
  • Be particularly careful when passing under scaffolding and do so as quickly as possible
  • Avoid stacks of building materials
  • Be vigilant if passing machinery and make sure the operator sees you and acknowledges you
  • Never climb ladders or scaffolding, material stacks or any part of the construction
  • Please be aware of sharp objects and the possibility of wet paint, adhesives, concrete etc
  • Whenever practical, please make alternative arrangements for childcare when visiting site.  Children, babies and pets are not permitted within areas where protective clothing has to be  worn and cannot be left in the sale suite
  • Please ensure that you following our health an safety guidelines at all times

Anyone found on any of our building sites without prior agreement will be asked to leave and escorted off the construction site. We take the health and safety of the public, our visitors, staff and subcontractors very seriously and there are no exceptions to our policies and procedures