Buying Your Pure Home

Move In Day

Legal completion and key release

This is the final part of the home-buying process.  Legal completion takes place when the balance of the completion money has been received by our legal  representatives.  If you are part of a property chain all parties need to be ready to legally complete on the same day.

Your solicitor will look after all the legal matters and will confirm to our legal representatives when the completion funds have been transferred from their bank account to ours.  Usually this is a straightforward process but on occasions delays may occur.

Your solicitor will receive the Title Deeds to your new home.  The transfer is registered at the Land Registry and the deeds may be given to you for safe keeping.

Once the legal formalities are complete you become the legal and proud owner of your new Pure Home.  Part of our official ‘handover’ on completion day is to present you with the keys to your new home.

Most home buyers choose to legally complete and move in on the same day.  Please let your sales advisor know if you plan to move in on ‘handover’ day or prefer to simply collect your keys.  Once all the funds have been transferred your sales advisor will let you know when you are able to collect your keys.

Handover check

We know you will be very busy on ‘move in’ day but there is one final essential check that your sales advisor will carry out with you before your possessions are moved in, this is known a the ‘handover inspection’.  If after this inspection you are happy with the condition of your new home you will be asked to sign the ‘handover certificate’


The handover inspection will involve a room by room tour of your new home with your sales advisor to check the condition of all internal fixtures and fittings such as kitchen appliances, worktops, bathroom suites and glazing.  As you can appreciate, any damage that occurs while your furniture and possessions are being put in place is not our responsibility to rectify.

It is particularly essential that you check all of your kitchen furniture, sanitary ware, flooring and glass for any damage or any subsequent damage that you report may not be covered by your Pure Homes warranty.

Handover Certificate

Once the inspection is complete and you have confirmed you are happy with the condition of your new home, you will be asked to sign the handover certificate.  This is a short and simple checklist confirming that you have received the keys to your new home, that meter readings have been taken and you are satisfied with the condition of your new home.

Settling in

If you have benefited from your Home Demonstration before ‘move in’ day you will already be familiar with how systems and appliances in your new home work.  However, if there are any matters you would like clarified your sales advisor will be happy to do so and the ‘move in’ day inspection is an ideal opportunity to do this.

‘Living in and looking after your new home’ pack

You will already have been given Part 2 of your Home Owner’s Manual during your home demonstration.  This contains full details and key contact numbers for our customer service  team.

The manual also contains details of the 10 year warranty on your new home from the Local Authority Building Council.