Buying Your Pure Home

Making The Most of Your New Home

Home Demonstration

A brand new home offers many benefits over a second hand property.  We use modern technology and materials to ensure we build energy-efficient, quality homes that are easy to maintain and we want you to use your new home to its full advantage!

The Home Demonstration is our opportunity to demonstrate to you all the systems and appliances in your new home and show you exactly how things work.  We will also give advice on the best way to maintain them which will help you to get the bet from your new home.

Like a brand new car, during the first few months all newly-built homes require ‘running in’ .  During construction moisture is absorbed by bricks, timber, plaster and other materials in your home and this now needs to dry out gently.  ‘Drying out’ your home slowly will minimise the potential for condensation and shrinkage cracks on walls, ceilings and woodwork.

We will arrange your Home Demonstration with you shortly before legal completion or if a completion date has yet to be fixed after our legal representatives have issued the 10 working days notice—see ‘preparing for your completion’.  If your exchange of contracts date and legal completion date are close together we will discuss with you the most convenient  time for your Home Demonstration.

We find customers settle in more quickly if this demonstration is undertaken a few days before you are due to move in.  We place great importance on the demonstration and view it as a major stage of the purchase process. At the Home Demonstration we will also arrange a convenient time for your courtesy visit.

During your Home Demonstration we will:

  • Show you how the heating system works and how it can be set to your requirements ready for when you move in.
  • Show you how all your appliances work to best effect.
  • Show you where the main switches, electrical consumer unit and stopcocks are located.
  • Advise you on how to ‘run in’ your home (minimising any condensation and shrinkage a usual occurrence associated with all newly built homes).
  • Give maintenance advice about your home—this can pay dividends in the future.
  • Explain all the warranties and guarantees.
  • Arrange a suitable time and day for your courtesy visit, normally 10-14 days after you have moved in.
  • Discuss our Customer Care and support contacts such as 24 hour call out services.
  • Discuss plans for ‘move in’ day and any help you need from our on site team.

Our experience is that this is a very worthwhile couple of hours for new Pure home owners so please make the most of this time as it really can help you settle in to your new home quickly.