Welcome and Congratulations!

Whether you are considering purchasing a Pure Home or have already done so, welcome and congratulations! MyPure is designed to make the process of buying and owning a Pure Home as easy and relaxed as possible. We take our ongoing relationship with you very seriously and we want to ensure that you enjoy life to the full in your new home.

There are two menus (see links below)  ‘Buying your new Pure Home’ and ‘Living in your new Pure Home’ which offer helpful hints and tips on buying and caring for your newly-constructed home, information regarding the 2 year warranty in place and what is covered, as well as who to contact should you have any queries or need urgent assistance.

 Peace of Mind from Day One

Pure Home Warranty

For the first two years, your new home is covered by your Pure Home Warranty, which starts from the day you legally complete on your new home.
This is supported by pit Customer Care Support who are available to provide advice and ensure that you issue reported is dealt with promptly.

LABC – New Home Warranty

In addition to the Pure Home Warranty, the LABC 10 year warranty also runs from the day you completed on your new home.
The construction of your new home is closely inspected and monitored by the local authority building inspector working in partnership with the LABC new home warranty inspector. This ensures the highest standards are achieved by strictly adhering to the latest building regulations and standards.
For Further information, please refer to your LABC Guide to your New Home or visit www.labcwarranty.co.uk