Spending time and money on your property may not result in it increasing in value. Here is a list of some alterations which may limit your options when it comes to selling your home.

  1. Converting a bedroom

You might think it’s a great idea converting a bedroom, but this is not the case. House value comes from the number of bedrooms and converting one of yours into something else could knock 20% of your home’s value off the selling price.

  1. Building an extension without the correct planning permission

Adding an extension to your home is something you think would always add value, however without the right planning permission, extensions might have to be knocked down, decreasing your house value by 15%.

  1. Adding plants to your garden

Lockdown has led to many homeowners sprucing up their gardens. But adding the wrong plants could be catastrophic for the value of your house. Plants like Japanese Knotweed, willow, elm or maple trees and Leylandii can affect foundations and be invasive and impossible to remove. Check before you plant or you could be seeing a 15% reduction in house value.

  1. Converting a garage

COVID-19 has led to many people thinking of converting their garages into gyms or offices. However, you are removing potential parking and storage space, two essential factors for buyers. it can knock 7% off your house value!

  1. Installing lavish garden features

Adding a bit of luxury to your house always seems like a good idea, but installing swimming pools, Hot tubs or ponds may deter potential buyers, as they are expensive to maintain. You could also be hit with a 7% reduction in house value.

Think carefully before you renovate. Selling at your home’s maximum value could mean you can afford the home of your dreams with Pure Homes which brings new homes to the market across North Wales and Cheshire all the time. Keep checking back on this web site to see their latest properties for sale, all with #WFH space, some with annexes or innovative Live:Work space.