The children of Ysgol y Castell Gardening Club wrote letters asking us at PURE if we would consider fitting an outdoor tap and hose for them whilst we were constructing the apartments on the adjacent site.

Quotes from the letters we received from the children included:

“We get very, very wet feet because the water splashes on our shoes”;
“We have to carry water half way up the field, there really heavy and it flops out of the watering can and goes on our shoes and our mums tell us off”.
“Our arms hurt and ache”.
“Please could you give us a hose along the fence to help us water the plants”.

WE HAD TO HELP so in the school’s summer holidays, Brendan, Site Manager of Castlefields and his team fitted the tap and hose much to the delight of the children, volunteers and teachers of the school.

Words from Vicki Cotgreave, Head Teacher
It is amazing how something so simple can have such a big impact on this important aspect of our school life. The children no longer have to carry the water from inside the school building all the way down the field to the garden – with the result that most has spilled out by the time they get there!!!!

We would like to say a big thank you to PURE for not only taking the children’s letters seriously but for acting so quickly.