Exciting News for H M Stanley Site

Demolition is now complete and the scheme is starting shortly on the site.

A new planning application was recently submitted for the site that now includes additional land to the rear recently purchased from Denbighshire County Council.

The new scheme includes 46 new build dwellings, the conversion of the 1838 Listed Hospital into 28 separate apartments, the redevelopment of the former 1906 infirmary building into nine houses and a new 75 apartment retirement living facility.

This will provide a total of 158 new dwellings on this redevelopment site.

The scheme has been designed to blend in with the listed premises and to complement this area of St Asaph with the addition of landscaped open space areas.

The scheme will also see the creation of an additional 25 parking spaces for St Kentigern’s Hospice.

St Asaph mayor Cllr Peter Scott said he was pleased that the former hospital site was being re-developed.

He said: “I am pleased that we are getting housing and that something is being done on this site rather than it staying an eyesore and becoming derelict.”

The HM Stanley site was earmarked for housing by Denbighshire council in its LDP.

It was originally built as a workhouse in 1838 and the property was extended in stages until it became a hospital when the NHS was established in 1948.

Explorer HM Stanley – born John Rowlands – was taken there as a five-year-old in 1847 by his foster parents and remained there until absconding in 1856 to go to sea. 


Planned Assisted Living Facility